[Podcast] Science in the Time of Covid-19

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22nd March 2021

BBC 4 Radio - Analysis


The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the best of science and the worst of science. New vaccines have been produced in less than twelve months. But at the same time we’ve seen evidence exaggerated and undermined, falsified, and flawed. Scientists arguing in public over areas of policy that have reached into all of our lives in an unprecedented way. There has never been so much “science”. But the pandemic has seen science politicised and polarised in ways some of us could never imagine.

In this episode of Analysis, Sonia Sodha explores what the pandemic has revealed about the practice of science, and our relationship with it.

Producer: Gemma Newby
Editor: Jasper Corbett

Download the Podcast at BBC 4 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000tcqy