23 January 2020 – Ministry of Health establishes epidemiological surveillance

Type of Intervention: Specific Action, Other Announcement
Sectors Involved: Health, Immigration, Police and Interior Affairs, Transportation
Intervention Categories: International travel measures
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Ministry of Health

Overview: The Minister of Health Dr. Carlos Alvarado, indicated that the Ministry of Health is in an informative phase with the country’s health establishments to recognize suspected cases and take necessary measures to identify the virus, as well as epidemiological surveillance throughout the country, especially in ports and airports, additional measures are also being taken due to Venezuela’s permanent trade and exchange relationship with the People’s Republic of China.
Full details here: http://www.mpps.gob.ve/index.php/sala-de-prensa/notnac/273-venezuela-cuenta-con-optimo-sistema-de-vigilancia-epidemiologica

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group, Advice of EXTERNAL expert advisor or advisory committee
Source of Evidence or Justification: World Health Organisation, National – government
Evidence/Justification: Following recommendations established by the World Health Organization through extraordinary meetings to establish the measures to be implemented in all countries