06 June 2020 – CoronaTracking-UY project surveys residents in Montevideo

Type of Intervention: Public Opinion Survey
Sectors Involved: Civil Society
Intervention Categories: Non-governmental interventions; Businesses
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: CoronaTracking-UY project, carried out by the Radar consultancy

Overview: A new installment of the CoronaTracking-UY project, carried out by the Radar consultancy, was announced. The survey, carried out between June 1 and 3, 2020, on a sample of 600 cases, representative of the Montevideo population over 18 years of age, provides information on the opinion of the public in various aspects related to the new coronavirus. According to the latest results, the coronavirus remains a much less concern for Montevideo residents (15%) than the lack of job offers (28%), household income (30%) and insecurity (27%).
Full details here: https://www.montevideo.com.uy/Noticias/Radar-montevideanos-estan-mas-preocupados-por-seguridad-y-trabajo-que-por-la-pandemia-uc754912

Type of Justification: Public Opinion (e.g. consultations, opinion polling)