04 April 2020 – Solidarity Income Program established to provide unconditional cash transfers

Type of Intervention: Executive Order
Sectors Involved: Finance/Economy
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Decision made by the President and the Cabinet of Ministers

The Solidarity Income Program, under the administration of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit

Overview: Create the Solidarity Income Program, through which unconditional cash transfers will be delivered from the resources of the Emergency Mitigation Fund -FOME in favor of people and households in poverty and vulnerability, who are not beneficiaries of the Families in Action, Social Protection for the Elderly – Colombia Elderly, Youth in Action or compensation for sales tax – VAT programs, for as long as the causes that motivated the declaration of the State of Economic, Social and Ecological Emergency
Full details here: https://coronaviruscolombia.gov.co/Covid19/docs/decretos/minhacienda/190_decreto_518_2020.pdf

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Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group, Advice of EXTERNAL expert advisor or advisory committee
Source of Evidence or Justification: National – government, International – other
Evidence/Justification: The International Labor Organization, in the aforementioned communiqué, urges the States to adopt urgent measures to (i) protect workers and employers and their families from those for the health caused by the coronavirus COVID-19; (ii) protect workers in the workplace; (iii) stimulate the economy and employment, and (iv) sustain jobs and income, in order to respect labor rights, mitigate negative impacts, and achieve a rapid and sustained recovery.

the president of the International Monetary and Financial Committee and the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, in an unprecedented situation in which a global pandemic has turned into an economic and financial crisis. Given the sudden interruption in economic activity, global output will contract in 2020. Member countries have already taken extraordinary measures to save lives
and safeguard economic activity. more needs to be done. Targeted fiscal support for households and the vulnerable must be prioritized to accelerate and secure recovery in 2021.