23 March 2020 – Closed border to travellers from certain countries

Intervention Categories: International travel measures
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The Government of Brazil prevented entry by travellers from China, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Australia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, and Suriname.

Exception will be made for citizens and residents, family members of Brazilians, diplomats and persons traveling for the government.

All-cargo operations are permitted.

Transit passengers are allowed, whether coming or not from the restricted countries, as long as the passenger does not leave the international airport area.

Foreigners who are in one of the land border countries and need to cross to Brazil to board a repatriation flight may enter Brazil with authorization from Federal Police provided that the traveler goes directly to the airport, ticket in hand, and authorized by the respective embassy or consulate of both countries.
Full details here: https://pandemic.internationalsos.com/2019-ncov/ncov-travel-restrictions-flight-operations-and-screening#MYS