18 March 2020 – Established paid sick leave for employees unable to work due to COVID-19

Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Stimulus packages and financial support
Level of Jurisdiction: Federal

Overview: The U.S. Congress established emergency paid sick leave for employees unable to work or telework due to a self isolation order or a suspected case of COVID-19, as part of phase 2 legislation. Compensation for paid sick leave is up to $511 per day and $5,110 over the benefit period, which is up to 80 hours (two weeks) for full-time employees. For part-time employees the amount is equivalent to the average number of hours worked in a two-week period.

Paid leave is also provided to those caring for children, someone under an isolation order, or “any other substantially similar condition.” For this type of paid leave, compensation is two-thirds the employee”s pay up to $200 per day and $10,000 over the benefit period.

Businesses with fewer than 25 employees are exempt. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are exempt if compliance with the policy would threaten bankruptcy for the business. The Department of Labor can exclude health care providers and emergency responders.

Employers receive tax credits for the amount of sick leave wages paid. Self-employed people receive $200 a day or 67 percent average daily pay, whichever is less, for sick or family leave in the form of an individual tax credit. For the self-employed in mandated quarantine, the amount is $511 for emergency paid sick leave in the form of tax credits.
Full details here: https://appropriations.house.gov/sites/democrats.appropriations.house.gov/files/Families%20First%20summary.pdf