07 May 2020 – Additional support for essential workers, small businesses and fisheries

Type of Intervention: Financial and Economic
Sectors Involved: Private Sector and Businesses
Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Stimulus packages and financial support
Level of Jurisdiction: Prince Edward Island
Lead People/Agency: Minister of Fisheries and Communities Jamie Fox

Overview: The Province of Prince Edward Island announced additional investments to support essential workers, small businesses, and the fishing and aquaculture industries as the province moves into its renewal phase of the pandemic. This includes a wage top-up for certain essential workers, support to help businesses ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers and new programs to help impacted fishers.
Full details here: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/news/province-announces-support-for-essential-workers-small-business-and-fisheries

Type of Justification: Mitigate economic impacts