22 May 2021 – 10 million people have at least one vaccine dose

Type of Intervention: Specific Action
Sectors Involved: Health
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Ministry of Health

Overview: Title: Spain surpasses 10 million people with at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose

As from Thursday, Spain has more than 10 million people with at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose, 21.4% of the population. This figure is reflected in the vaccination report indicating that almost 14 million doses have been administered and over 3,700,000 people have already completed the full course of vaccination.
Worth highlighting from the figures released on Thursday is that, in the over-80 age group, 99.4% of people have already received at least one dose and that 72.1% have received two doses; in the 70-79 age group, 55.1% have at least one dose; and in the 60-69 age group, 40.9% have already received one dose.

Full details here: https://www.lamoncloa.gob.es/lang/en/gobierno/news/Paginas/2021/20210422vaccine.aspx

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