21 April 2020 – Extended physical distancing measures

Intervention Categories: Social and physical distancing measures; Adapting or closing offices, businesses, institutions, and operations; Gatherings, businesses, and services
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The Dutch Government has extended its physical distancing measures until 19 May 2020. This includes working and staying at home as much as possible, limiting social contact, keeping a distance of 1.5 metres, and following hygiene rules. Public gatherings and meetings continue to be banned. Businesses and public venues that were previously closed (including food and drink establishments, sports clubs, gyms, saunas, casinos and arcades, as well as museums, concert halls and theaters) also remain shut. Public events that require licensing are also banned until 1 September 2020.

Some measures are being relaxed from 29 April 2020. This includes allowing children (up to 12 years old) to participate in supervised outdoor sports (except for competitive matches), as well as young people (between 13 – 18 years old) who must maintain a distance of 1.5 metres. Elite athletes are able to continue outdoor training so long as they follow physical distancing rules. Elderly people above 70 and living independently, can also recieve one or two permanent visitors.

Additionally, childcare services and primary schools are allowed to re-open from 11 May 2020. The Government has set specific guidelines for primary schools, including having students return to school part-time in smaller groups, along with distance learning at home. All other forms of education (including high school and tertiary) remain closed until 19 May 2020.
Full details here: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nieuws/2020/04/21/maatregelen-corona-verlengd