07 April 2020 – Provided funding for loans to startups

Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Stimulus packages and financial support
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The Dutch Government has allocated €100 million to help startups and other small innovative companies to get loans under the so-called Corona Bridging Loan (COL) scheme from 29 April 2020. This bridging loan is aimed to help start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs with loans ranging from €50,000 to €2 million, at an interest rate of 3 percent. For loans above €250,000, shareholders or other investors are expected to co-finance 25 percent of the loan. Applications for loans under €500,000 are expected to be processed within four to nine working days, while those above €500,000, are likely to have decisions made within three working weeks.
Full details here: https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nieuws/2020/04/25/coronavirus-overbruggingskrediet-gericht-op-startups-en-scale-ups-vanaf-29-april-beschikbaar