28 February 2020 – An order for protective measures to be undertaken for the city of Šiauliai

Type of Intervention: Executive Order
Sectors Involved: Civil Defence, Health, Local Government, Social Services
Intervention Categories: Social and physical distancing measures; Gatherings, businesses, and services; International travel measures
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Minister of Health and Head of State Emergency Operations

Overview: An order for the CIty of Šiauliai (having the first case on 28 Feb) to cancel all mass events, an order for all municipalities to create favourable conditions for self isolation of future cases, an order for the military to participate in screening of passengers at the airports and port of Klaipeda. An order for airports and a port to let the National Public Health Center workers access all arriving airplanes and ships.
Full details here: http://sam.lrv.lt/lt/naujienos/operaciju-vadovo-a-verygos-nurodymai-institucijoms-ir-salies-savivaldybems

Type of Justification: No justification given