16 March 2020 – Ski areas closed, foreigners to fill out declarations concerning state of emergency

Type of Intervention: Specific Action
Sectors Involved: Civil Defence, Foreign Affairs, Health, Local Government, Tourism
Intervention Categories: Significant events
Level of Jurisdiction: Local – ski resorts
Lead People/Agency: National Crisis-management Staff, Crisis staff in Bansko

Overview: Two UK citizens have been tested positive for coronavirus in the ski resort of Bansko – a 78-year-old man residing in Bansko and a 9-year-old English child arrived on holiday with his family from UK. The ski area is closed immediately. Skiing in Pamporovo and Borovets ski resorts are also banned.
Full details here: https://bnr.bg/en/post/101241382/ski-areas-in-bulgaria-s-resorts-bansko-pamporovo-closed-over-coronavirus-epidemic

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Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group, Perception of an increased threat