13 March 2020 – Belgium enters Phase 2 of Federal response

This item is sourced from the CCCSL: CSH Covid-19 Control Strategies List co-ordinated by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria. We are in the process of gathering further information and aligning taxonomies for these items.

Intervention Categories: Social and physical distancing measures; Adapting or closing schools; Adapting or closing offices, businesses, institutions, and operations; Domestic travel; Legal and policy; Regulatory change
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: Home delivery and drive-in are allowed. The shops remain open all week, but not on weekends. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open, even on weekends. In the case of colleges and universities, it is recommended** to develop e-learning course modules**. Those schools are therefore not closed, but invited to set up alternatives to traditional courses in amphitheaters or in confined spaces. Public transport runs normally but it is requested to limit yourself to essential journeys. In this context, on 6 March, the Council of Ministers adopted the following measures to support businesses: Temporary layoffs due to force majeure, Temporary layoffs for economic reasons, Payment plan for employer’s social security contributions, Payment plan VAT, Payment plan for withholding tax, Payment plan for personal/corporate tax, Reduction of prepayment for self-employed, Delay or exemption of the payment for employer’s social security contributions for self-employed, Obtaining a replacement income for self-employed (bridging right), Flexibility in the execution of federal public contracts Those measures will constantly be re-evaluated to reinforce them where necessary.
Full details here: https://www.info-coronavirus.be/en/news/phase-2-maintained-transition-to-the-federal-phase-and-additional-measures/