31 March 2020 – COVID-19 Panama Research community created within the Zenodo platform

Type of Intervention: New Tool / Service / Body
Sectors Involved: Research and Development
Intervention Categories: Legal and policy; New initiatives; Education and awareness
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) (leading)

Overview: The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) in the face of the need to have a centralized place where Panamanian scientists can deposit their research data to face the worldwide SARS-CoV2 / COVID-19 pandemic, through the ABC Platform is created “The COVID-19 Panama Research Community” within the Zenodo platform. The Zenodo platform is one of the world’s largest open access research data repositories managed by the European Union through OpenAIRE.
The COVID-19 Panama Research community is an initiative that will aim to compile the research data generated by researchers, innovators and technologists who do not have affiliation or in the event that their institution does not have an institutional repository to publish research data, reports, theses and other research data related to the findings regarding SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

With this initiative, there will be a repository for Panama where its users can obtain quick responses to the need to have a centralized place for all the information regarding this pandemic. All research data will be managed by Senacyt and other institutional repositories may be interconnected with the National Repository (PRICILA).
Full details here: https://abc.senacyt.gob.pa/

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