18 March 2020 – Supermarkets allowed to restock around the clock

Type of Intervention: Executive Order, Regulation, Specific Action, Temporary Change
Sectors Involved: Executive Office, Finance/Economy, Manufacturing and Industry
Intervention Categories: Legal and policy; Regulatory change; Planning and strategy; Creating and using advisory groups or committees
Level of Jurisdiction: Queensland
Lead People/Agency: JOINT STATEMENT

Queensland Premier and Minister for Trade
The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk

Queensland Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
The Honourable Cameron Dick

Overview: New Queensland laws so supermarkets can restock around the clock (prior to this temporary measure there were strict regulations around supermarket times).

Also, establishment of a new ‘Essential Goods Supply Committee’, by the Queensland Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) – to work with retailers, manufacturers, meat and food processors, essential goods manufacturers, transport and logistics companies, wholesalers and unions to ensure essential supply chains keep flowing during an emergency event.

Queensland Government to suspend non-essential activities including some workshops and information events to focus the work of all staff on supporting business and industry to address the impacts of COVID19.

The new laws will also amend the Queensland Planning Act to support Queensland Local Government in case they are affected by staff shortages.
Full details here: http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2020/3/18/new-laws-so-supermarkets-can-restock-around-the-clock

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group, Advice of EXTERNAL expert advisor or advisory committee
Source of Evidence or Justification: Queensland Government, particularly the Queensland State Department for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
Evidence/Justification: Queensland Planning minister states that he has directed his Department to work with industry to identify problems and take actions to ensure supply chins remain strong in Queensland.