29 January 2021 – Infection prevention and control processes updated

Type of Intervention: Advisory
Sectors Involved: Civil Defence, Health
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Nguyen Truong Son, Chairman of Treatment Subcommittee, Deputy Chair of the National Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Overview: To enhance COVID-19 infection prevention and control in health facilities
– To maintain and control screening patients as instructed by the Correspondence No 1385/BCĐQG dated March 19th, 2020, and to update results online and implement corrective actions for remaining problems and to strictly obey regulations on infection prevention and control as issued in the Decision No 5188/QĐ-BYT dated December 14th, 2020.
– To actively protect health staff from infection. To provide enough personal protection tools for health staff.
– To provide prescriptions and medicine supply for patients with chronic diseases with longer duration for all patients (maximum for 3 months)
– To request early tests for SAR-CoV-2 for early detection and isolation to prevent COVID-19 infection in the hospitals, to randomly take samples of inpatients for testing, prioritizing high risk group
– For health facilities in Hai Duong, Quang Ninh and Red River Delta areas:
+ To screen severe and non-severe patients for referral if needed
+ To enhance COVID-19 prevention and control at the highest level
+ To take samples of all patients in ICU and 30% of patients in other departments for early detection
– All areas keep controlling the situation and reporting to the Treatment Subcommittee.
Full details here: https://emohbackup.moh.gov.vn/publish/home?isLaw=false&documentId=8212

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group
Source of Evidence or Justification: National – government