09 April 2020 – Invalidated short-term visas and temporarily suspended visa waiver and visa-free entry programs

Intervention Categories: International travel measures; Legal and policy; Regulatory change
Level of Jurisdiction: National

Overview: The Korean government announced that short-term visas (those allowing stays for up to 90 days) issued on or before April 5th to foreign nationals by Korean diplomatic missions abroad would be invalidated. The move excludes foreign nationals already in Korea.

In addition, the government announced the temporary suspension of visa-free entry and visa waiver programs on a reciprocal basis with countries that have imposed entry bans on Korean travellers. In practice, this measure will prevent visa-free entry for nationals of 90 countries and regions with visa-free entry agreements with South Korea, effective April 13th. The government has indicated that nationals of these countries and regions will be required to apply for visas at their local diplomatic missions.

The new restrictions will exclude diplomatic passport holders, air crew, certain short-term business visas, and holders of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Business Travel Card, which allows holders visa-free entry to 19 APEC countries.

Foreign nationals holding long-term investment, employment, and residence visas will not be affected by the restrictions.
Full details here: http://viewer.moj.go.kr/skin/doc.html?rs=/result/bbs/49&fn=temp_1586999625344100