31 May 2020 – Some critical services exempted from comprehensive curfew

Type of Intervention: Advisory, Specific Action
Sectors Involved: Central Bank, Finance/Economy, Health, Civil Defence
Intervention Categories: Social and physical distancing measures; Domestic travel
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Haider Majeed

Overview: The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers issued a statement regarding exceptions to the comprehensive curfew. Secretariat spokesman Haider Majeed said that the Higher Committee for Health and National Safety exempted a number of entities from the comprehensive curfew decision such as the health entities, security agencies, and service departments including electricity, municipalities, the Baghdad Municipality, agriculture, and water resources, for the purpose of fulfilling their daily duties without any delay. The exemption also included media institutions to cover the media activities in general and Corona’s pandemic activities to educate citizens in particular.

The Minister of Finance advised to include in the exception, the Central Bank, the Rafidain and Rashid banks and all spending units, in order to pay the salaries of employees, calling on all the aforementioned authorities to abide by the instructions of the Supreme Committee and health agencies, and the need to use protective equipment and to stay away from gatherings and not to use the exception for private business. He also advised to cooperate with the security forces to preserve the safety of all.
Full details here: https://www.alsumaria.tv/news/%D9%85%D8%AD%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%AA/346956/%D8%A7%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%A9-%D9%85%D8%AC%D9%84%D8%B3-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%88%D8%B2%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%A1-%D8%AA%D8%B5%D8%AF%D8%B1-%D8%A8%D9%8A%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%A7%D9%8B-%D8%A8%D8%B4%D8%A3%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%AB%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%A1%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D9%85%D9%86

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group
Evidence/Justification: To ensure that there is no delay in the delivery of the services and ensure the safety of the citizens.