03 February 2020 – Smart devices to monitor people quarantined inside their homes

Type of Intervention: New Tool / Service / Body
Sectors Involved: Health
Level of Jurisdiction: Special Administrative Region
Lead People/Agency: Government Chief Information Officer Victor Lam

Overview: The Government has provided 500 electronic wristbands to monitor people quarantined inside their homes and an additional 1,000 can be produced in two weeks if needed. The wristbands are used in conjunction with smartphones and given to people who had been to Wuhan in the past 14 days and need to quarantine at home as a result.
Full details here: https://www.news.gov.hk/eng/2020/02/20200203/20200203_150504_450.html?type=category&name=covid19&tl=t

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Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group
Evidence/Justification: Under Secretary for Food & Health Dr Chui Tak-yi explained by introducing the use of electronic wristbands, the Government now has the ability to quarantine certain people at home.