28 January 2020 – Ministry of Health advises against travel to coronavirus-affected areas, particularly China

Type of Intervention: Advisory
Sectors Involved: Health, Immigration
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Ministry of Health made the decision on the intervention. It is unclear who is leading the implementation of the intervention as no hard rules against travel were communicated.

Overview: A public advisory from the Ministry of Health advising against travel to coronavirus affected areas, in particular China. The intended effect was to reduce movement of persons to and from areas that had higher risks of contracting coronavirus. The target audience was Ugandan nationals in Uganda and around the world.
Full details here: https://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Government-Ugandans-travel-epidemic-countries/688334-5435158-svm3b5z/index.html

Type of Justification: Advice of EXTERNAL expert advisor or advisory committee
Source of Evidence or Justification: World Health Organisation
Evidence/Justification: At the time, the World Health Organization had advised countries to implement enhanced screening of all travellers to and from areas affected by coronavirus.