23 March 2020 – Government guarantees the salaries of all employees in the private sector for three months

Type of Intervention: Executive Order
Sectors Involved: Finance/Economy, Immigration
Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Stimulus packages and financial support
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Overview: Discussions centred on delivering Government’s guarantee that salaries of all employees in the private sector would be covered, for both Seychellois and non-Seychellois over the next 3 months. The committee has been tasked with establishing the criteria for eligibility and the level of assistance that businesses will be able to receive by the end of this week, giving businesses ample time to make their application.
The committee also discussed the mandatory supporting documents applicants would be required to submit to the Department of Finance for further processing as part of their request.
Full details here: http://www.statehouse.gov.sc/news/4782/committee-for-financial-assistance-to-businesses-holds-first-meeting

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group
Source of Evidence or Justification: National – government
Evidence/Justification: President Danny Faure met with members appointed on the Financial Assistance to Businesses High Level Committee to clearly establish procedures and guidelines that will enable private businesses in need of support to receive the necessary assistance, given the economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. This is following the announcements made by the President last Friday.