09 April 2020 – Government announces N$8.1 billion economic stimulus and relief package

Type of Intervention: Advisory, Executive Order, Financial and Economic, Guidance, Regulation
Sectors Involved: Central Bank, Finance/Economy
Intervention Categories: Finance Policy and Financial Aid; Stimulus Packages and Financial Support
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Ministry of Finance

Overview: Financial stimulus support during COVID-19 amounts to N$8.1 billion, comprising of N$5.9 billion as direct support to businesses, households and cash flow acceleration payments for services rendered to Government and N$2.3 billion of additional support, guaranteed by Government, but off-balance sheet Government liabilities to further support loan uptake on preferential terms by business and individuals.
Full details here: https://mof.gov.na/documents/35641/36580/Phase+1+VF+Stimulus+and+Relief+Package%2C+Republic+of+Namibia.pdf/9a2314de-4b39-00a1-b8bd-4ffcfe1f20d3

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Type of Justification: Advice of EXTERNAL expert advisor or advisory committee, Learning from other jurisdictions
Source of Evidence or Justification: National – government
Evidence/Justification: Government of Namibia