26 March 2020 – As part of a movement to decongest prisons across Africa, President Akufo-Addo grants amnesty to 808 prisoners

Type of Intervention: Executive Order
Sectors Involved: Civil Defence, Corrections
Intervention Categories: Social and physical distancing measures; Special populations
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: 1.https://nsemgh.com/president-akufo-addo-grants-amnesty-to-ghanaian-prisoners/
2. https://www.graphic.com.gh/news/general-news/president-akufo-addo-grants-amnesty-to-808-prisoners.html
3. https://africanarguments.org/2020/03/30/decongest-africa-covid-19-prisons-urgently/

Overview: The President granted amnesty to prisoners upon the recommendation of the Prison Service Council and in consultation with the Counsel of State in accordance with the Ghana Constitution. This reduces overcrowding in the prisons and is one of the responses to Covid 19.
Full details here: https://nsemgh.com/president-akufo-addo-grants-amnesty-to-ghanaian-prisoners/

Type of Justification: Advice of INTERNAL government advisory committee or group, Prisons Service Council and Council of State
Source of Evidence or Justification: National – government, Presidential Address on COVID 19 response, Prisons Service Council and Council of State
Evidence/Justification: Based on the recommendation in the presidents addresses to the Nation and recommendations of social distancing and avoidance of crowded places, this was done to decongest the prisons