10 March 2020 – All international travel suspended for public officials, non-essential travel discouraged for high-risk countries

Type of Intervention: Advisory
Sectors Involved: Executive Office, Foreign Affairs, Local Government, PUBLIC OFFICIALS
Intervention Categories: International travel measures
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, Hon. Akosua Frema Osei-Opare

Overview: The president issued a briefing on the suspension of foreign travels by public officials in order to prevent them from contracting the corona virus. Non-essential travel into Ghana from high risk countries, namely, China, Iran, Italy, Japan and South Korea were also discouraged in the briefing
Full details here: http://presidency.gov.gh/index.php/briefing-room/press-releases/1531-president-akufo-addo-temporarily-suspends-foreign-travels-for-all-public-officials?fbclid=IwAR23AaM0JqXaEXXiBpPRmZuNq2SKLPCnGfSglDyDzrqLRb7lerM9HEynYl0

Type of Justification: Perception of an increased threat to the country, WHO Alerts
Source of Evidence or Justification: World Health Organisation, National – other
Evidence/Justification: Advice from a high-powered emergency response team set up by government