24 April 2020 – Government invites artisans to assist with the production of face masks

Type of Intervention: Advisory, Executive Order
Sectors Involved: Private Sector and Businesses
Intervention Categories: Finance policy and financial aid; Financial aid to health services
Level of Jurisdiction: National
Lead People/Agency: Minister of Crafts

Overview: The Ivorian government invites artisans to join forces to benefit from financial support capable of facilitating the production of masks, as part of the fight against the Covid-19. The groups will provide Codinorme approval for the making of masks in Côte d’Ivoire.
Full details here: https://www.7info.ci/coronavirus-les-artisans-invites-par-le-gouvernement-a-se-regrouper-pour-la-confection-des-masques/

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Type of Justification: No justification given